Engineered Fall Protection Systems

Evan Fall Protection, Inc. specializes in the design and installation of turnkey, OSHA compliant, engineered fall protection systems for a wide variety of private, public and government clients throughout the United States.


Evan Fall Protection provides comprehensive fall protection services from site assessment and design to installation and training of employees in the use of custom fall protection systems.

Fall Protection Applications

We are a design-build specialty contracting firm offering engineered fall protection solutions for a variety of applications including:


Since its inception in November, 1995, Evan Fall Protection has completed the design and installation of engineered fall protection systems for a variety of public and private sector clients that include Fortune 500 companies, transit authorities, colleges and universities, government agencies and more than 120 arenas, stadiums and convention centers.

Fall protection systems require engineering analysis and design to ensure that the structure is capable of supporting the applied dynamic loads. As part of our comprehensive services, our team of professional engineers, registered in 46 states, is capable of performing any required analysis utilizing an array of state of the art engineering software and techniques, to ensure that the structure can accommodate these loads.

Completed projects include the Orange County Convention Center, where we designed and installed more than 60,000 lf of horizontal lifeline to provide coverage for nearly 1,000,000 sf of exhibition space, the world's largest general aviation maintenance facility for Cessna Aircraft which included coverage for 39 maintenance bays and Dallas Cowboys Stadium where we installed fall protection systems for exposed walkways and maintenance activities on the $1.2 billion retractable roof stadium. Current projects include an ongoing project for a Fortune 500 insurance company who retained Evan Fall Protection to perform site assessments and design, furnish and install rooftop fall protection systems for all of their North American administrative and operations centers and United States government aircraft hangar installations from Florida to Alaska.

Benefit from our Engineered Fall Protection Solutions

Evan Fall Protection's unique combination of structural engineering expertise and diverse fall protection experience provides OSHA and ANSI compliant, turnkey, comprehensive engineered fall protection solutions.

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