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Custom Rooftop Fall Protection System Design and Installation

Expertly Engineered Systems Designed for Your Unique Set of Working Conditions.

The employee must be able to gain access to all areas of the roof yet must be protected from the edge. A fall restraint system is just one of the solutions to this type of problem.

All building rooftops are different, due to configuration, structural integrity or means of use. Fall protection is required any time an employee is within six feet of the roof edge. Evan Fall Protection designs and installs engineered fall protection systems tailored for each unique application. Installed systems include horizontal lifelines, guardrail systems and fixed anchor points.

I wanted to follow-up on the system installation. We are pleased with the outcome. Your crew was excellent; they arrived prepared for the cold weather work. The temperature here in Denver reach -17 degrees below zero the night before and never exceeded +7 while they were here. They completed the work without issue, cleaned up after themselves and provided us with superb training and recommendations. Thank you for completing the projects before the year’s end. Jay Keith / Starz Entertainment, LLC

Providing Rooftop Fall Protection

Often, a fall restraint system can be the best method of providing rooftop fall protection. By ensuring that a worker is restrained from stepping off a walking surface, you can eliminate the need to plan a rescue, a task that can often prove to be cumbersome at heights.

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Solutions for Rooftop Fall Protection

Horizontal Lifelines

Evan Fall Protections range of horizontal lifeline systems provides our customers a choice of highly engineered solutions for the end user while working at heights. The versatility of these products and solutions ensures our end users can solve even the most complex of Fall Arrest issues in general Industry, Aviation, Arenas/Stadiums, Rooftops, Bridges and Vehicle Maintenance.

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Rigid Rail Systems

Evan Fall Protection range of overhead rigid rail systems are the ultimate in overhead fall protection on the market. These rigid rail systems can be installed for use indoors or outdoors to support aircraft and vehicle maintenance hangers, manufacturing facilities, rail car applications, warehousing and storage areas, performing art centers and arenas, and other related activities.

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Non-Penetrating Guardrail Systems

Non-penetrating, passive fall protection system for workplace safety in rooftop or ground level applications. Used as a portable or permanent solution, the unique design eliminates the cost and danger of potential trip hazards created by intermediate counterweights used in other guardrail systems.

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