Railcar and Truck Loading Fall Protection

With more than ten years of experience in the turnkey fall protection market, Evan Fall Protection possesses the knowledge and expertise to design and install an engineered fall protection system to meet your specific needs.


Railcar and truck loading facilities may require interior or exterior fall protection systems. Interior installations can require an interface to the existing building for anchorage points. Frequently, exterior installations are not adjacent to an existing building. In these instances, a freestanding support structure must be designed and installed to serve as a custom anchorage point on which to mount the fall protection system.

Adequate clearance is also an issue for railcar and truck loading facilities. Proper engineering and consideration of the performance of the various components is critical to ensuring that the worker is brought to a complete halt before contacting a lower level or the ground.

Protecting railcar and truck loading facilities

Each installation is unique and requires careful evaluation of the site and work specific parameters. Evan Fall Protection has designed railcar and truck loading facilities applications by utilizing single- and multi-span cable based systems supported on custom designed stanchions and foundations, structural steel trolley beam based systems and enclosed track, self-cleaning, low profile systems. Evan Fall Protection's staff of licensed professional engineers has the structural and foundation expertise to analyze and certify the capacity of an existing structure or to design a custom structure to serve as a fall protection anchor point.

Benefit from our engineered solution

Evan Fall Protection's comprehensive approach to fall protection ensures the highest level of worker safety, OSHA compliance and peace of mind.


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