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While there are variations in configuration, the typical bus is approximately 40 feet long and only 10 feet high. Workers on the top of a bus performing maintenance can be exposed to falls. As a result of the low working surface, particular attention must be given to the proper design of the fall protection system and selection of the user equipment as they can greatly affect the fall clearance distance. Oftentimes, this is further compounded when attempting to provide protection for more than one worker at a time.

Protecting Bus Maintenance Personnel

Many bus maintenance facilities are in lightly framed structures that are composed of a roof system of open web joists and metal roof deck supported on steel beams and columns, or similar type structures. When the steel beams are spaced far apart, it creates an environment in which it can be difficult to design an effective fall protection system. Small diameter cables, such as 8mm or even 3/8" can be ineffective in spanning long distances as they exhibit excessive deflection. This can be further compounded when in-line load arresting, or shock absorbing devices are incorporated. Only the more robust, large diameter cables or trolley beams should be considered for such applications.

Both of these types of systems, however, carry the disadvantage of imparting relatively high loads to the supporting structure. Evan Fall Protection's staff of licensed professional engineers has solved bus maintenance fall protection problems in the past, are aware of the intrinsic problems and are capable of designing and installing custom systems that address these issues.

Benefit from our engineered solution

Evan Fall Protection's proven approach ensures the highest level of worker safety, OSHA compliance and peace of mind.


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