Aircraft maintenance fall protection


Whether it is protection over a localized portion of an aircraft, or coverage over the entire fuselage, wings and tail section, the design of aircraft maintenance fall protection requires special consideration. Oftentimes, the working surface for aircraft maintenance personnel can be relatively low, particularly on smaller aircraft. This creates a situation in which the design of the system must give particular consideration to the fall clearance distance, to ensure that the worker is brought to a stop prior to contacting the lower level. Other considerations include the proper system configuration to eliminate, or minimize, swing fall hazards.

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Protecting aircraft maintenance personnel

The design of aircraft maintenance fall protection systems requires in depth consideration of a number of factors:

All of these considerations must be made in conjunction with the structural capacity of the roof framing system. Ultimately, the engineer must design a system that adequately protects the work area, provides suitable fall protection, limits deflection and free fall, is designed for the appropriate number of users and does not introduce excessive loads into the supporting roof structure.

Evan Fall Protection has designed fall protection systems utilizing single point anchors, multi-span horizontal lifeline systems, trolley beam systems and our own innovative post-tensioned fall protection system. Our list of successful installations includes military aircraft hangars from Florida to Alaska and the world's largest aircraft maintenance facility which was completed in 2004.

Benefit from our engineered solution

Evan Fall Protection's proven approach ensures the highest level of worker safety, OSHA compliance and peace of mind.


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