Bridge fall protection

With more than ten years of experience in the Turnkey Fall Protection Market, Evan Fall Protection possesses the knowledge and expertise to design and install an engineered fall protection system to meet your specific needs.


Protecting workers performing maintenance activities on bridges presents unique challenges. Vibration and differential thermal movement are examples of the types of problems that can be present in this environment. Evan Fall Protection specializes in designing and implementing solutions to exceptional situations such as this.

Protecting workers on bridges

Evan Fall Protection has completed designs specifying vibration resistant prevailing torque fastening systems and incorporating expansion and contraction sections into the lifeline system to overcome the problems of vibration and differential thermal movement. Our team of registered professional engineers possesses the expertise and experience to identify and resolve the problems unique to the bridge environment.

Benefit from our engineered solution

Evan Fall Protection's comprehensive approach to fall protection ensures the highest level of worker safety, OSHA compliance and peace of mind.


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