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Comprehensive Fall Protection Services

Evan Fall Protection’s comprehensive fall protection services range from site assessment and design to system installation and training of employees. We specialize in providing a custom turnkey engineered solution to fall protection challenges where off-the shelf systems do not meet the needs. In facilities under construction, we work with project architects and engineers to incorporate the fall protection system into the facility design. This ensures that the system is fully integrated, with engineered anchor points and minimal conflicts with other building systems. Contact Us Today With the Details of Your Project.

Our comprehensive services include:


Site Assessment

Every project is unique. In assessing your needs, we take the time to understand your requirements, including the number of workers that must be protected, the tasks they perform, their travel paths and safe access to the work area.

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OSHA Compliant Analysis and Design

Each fall protection system installation must be carefully evaluated to identify the most suitable solution. Whether the application requires a horizontal lifeline, trolley beam, enclosed track, guardrail, netting system or vertical lifeline, each system requires engineering analysis and design to ensure that it is appropriate for the task.

Ohio Union-rooftop

Structural Engineering

Engineering analysis is required to ensure that the structure supporting a fall protection system can accommodate the dynamic loads imparted in the event of a fall. With a team of professional engineers registered in 46 states, Evan Fall Protection possesses the experience and expertise to perform all required analysis and design.

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Fall Protection Equipment

Utilizing our network of manufacturers and fabricators, we incorporate only OSHA and ANSI compliant components with our customized designs. Evan Fall Protection specializes in providing solutions for exceptional situations.


Fall Protection System Installation

We provide complete installation and management services on projects throughout the United States with an emphasis on minimizing disruption to client operations. Evan Fall Protection maintains contractor licenses in states that regulate fall protection installation.

Meadows Maintenance Facility

User Training

Evan Fall Protection provides awareness training in the proper care, use and maintenance of the system, as well as developing rescue procedures and facility policy.


Inspection and re-certification

Periodic inspection and re-certification of the fall protection system components ensures its continued effectiveness and OSHA compliance. Evan Fall Protection includes inspection and recertification as part of our comprehensive services.

Benefit from our engineered solution

Evan Fall Protection provides turnkey, comprehensive fall protection solutions to bring you in compliance with OSHA regulations, reduce liability and provide a safe working environment for personnel.

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